We are a team of warm and compassionate individuals offering naturopathic medicine, chiropractic care, massage therapy, counselling, injection therapies, acupuncture and comprehensive lab testing services. Our convenient location at Gilmore Skytrain Station allows us to serve patients from all over the lower mainland. Our team provides expertise in a broad range of medical and therapeutic modalities and services. We are open 7 days a week and also offer evening appointments.


  • Dr. Courtney Campbell, ND has been an integral part in my journey to a healthier lifestyle.  She helped me recognize the symptoms I had been ignoring for so long, and how to properly heal my body.   She takes the time to listen to my concerns and asks the right questions to understand the big picture.  She is sincere and knowledgeable, and I feel better than I ever have since I started visiting her.    – K.H.

  • To put it simply, Dr. Amber Eckel is amazing! I have been seeing her for over a year now for shoulder mobility and spinal adjustments, and every time she goes above and beyond to fix my issues. She takes the time to understand my athletic lifestyle, uses a variety of techniques and even educates me on the things I can do at home to aid in recovery. I can finally do pull-ups! I have never met such a knowledgeable, caring and driven practitioner like Dr. Amber. She is incredible and will only improve your life. – S.F.

  • I started seeing Dr. Amber Eckel, DC when I was 6 months pregnant because of pelvic joint and ligament pain. I instantly felt better after my 1st appointment and continued to see her until I gave birth. I’m convinced that it was Dr. Amber’s care that helped me feel great throughout my pregnancy and helped prepare me for a relatively easy birth. My daughter had her first appointment with Dr. Amber at just under 1 month old, and we continue to both see Dr. Amber as the need arises. It is so rare to find someone knowledgeable and skilled at addressing both muscular and skeletal issues who is also cheerful and welcoming of all questions. I would recommend Dr. Amber in a heart beat for anyone, especially moms looking for a conscientious gentle person to care for their little ones. – J.A.

  • I started visiting Dr. Kyli Seier, DC during my first pregnancy.  I had sciatic pain down my right leg and could barely move.  I actually went on medical leave from work at 5 months pregnant as I couldn’t function.  Dr. Kyli came to my home after I called her crying asking for some help, and she was very reassuring, and helpful.  After just 2 treatments I could do normal activities and felt great.  After I had my baby boy, I brought him in for a spinal check and adjustment as he was very colicky. After 1 treatment, he was a different baby, very calm, comfortable and no more screaming on end.  We now both get regular check ups with Dr. Kyli! –D.H.

  • Dr. Judith Canlas, ND has dramatically helped improve my health! I came to see Dr. Judith because I was feeling very low in energy and always tired. After visiting with her, she recommended supplements and Vitamin Infusions. I now have more energy than ever before! What I really appreciate about her is that although she offers recommendations, she really lets you make your own choices so there’s no pressure to try anything you’re uncomfortable with. She is very passionate about her work and offers a caring, knowledgeable and gentle atmosphere for her patients. I would recommend Dr. Judith to anyone looking for a Naturopathic Doctor. – K.L.

  • I’ve been having weekly massage therapy treatments with Niki Heron, RMT after a MVA several months ago. After the first visit she was able to accurately assess and treat my injuries, so much that I already felt better by the next day. She is extremely professional and thorough every time I see her. I would definitely recommend her to anybody who is dealing with persistent or acute musculoskeletal issues! – A.C.

  • I started seeing Tashu Premji, RMT after I gave birth to my daughter. I had extreme shoulder and hip pain from carrying my baby and nursing her at night. Tashu worked with me to tackle those sore spots through regular, rigorous massages and by teaching me some gentle stretches that could help me keep the aches away. Once I went back to work, I continued to see Tashu to help me manage the aches and pains that come with working in an office environment. Tashu’s knowledge of different massage therapy techniques and the human body allows her to zero in on problem spots easily. Her friendly and open disposition makes you feel welcome and never judged, even if you haven’t been strictly following her stretching instructions. She cares and it shows. I highly recommend Tashu! – J.A.

  • After seeing several other practitioners at AIM, it was recommended that I also see Miranda for Registered Massage Therapy. I’ve been dealing with a chronic shoulder injury for years now, and had seen other massage therapists in the past, but never experienced great results. Within 2 sessions with Miranda my pain had decreased dramatically. Miranda really listens to her patients and has a great understanding of a physical lifestyle. She takes the time to assess appropriately and uses her incredible knowledge and techniques to do some serious healing. I would highly recommend her to anyone. You won’t be disappointed! S.F.

  • I have been a patient of several practitioners at AIM for over 3 years now, all of whom I would highly recommend. Having been exposed to Naturopathic, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and Massage Therapy in the past, I sought out a recommended clinic when I relocated from Alberta to Burnaby. I was suffering from a nagging deep tissue ache in my back along with other internal health concerns. After first consulting with an ND, the next step was Functional Blood Testing (which I had never been exposed to). When I stepped into the room with Zuzana, I was extremely interested in analysis, yet a little wary. Her calm, competent, and professional nature put me at ease and I was fascinated by what was coming up on the screen – it truly is a wonder to see your blood at a microscopic level! She thoroughly explained what was going on internally and how it would manifest in symptoms. She told me that I had liver congestion which would explain a lot of the pain and aching in my back. After following up with my ND, I was put on a program which allowed the pain to go away in a matter of days. Needless to say, I instantly became a believer in FBT! Since that initial visit, I’ve been back to AIM several times to have my blood re-checked to establish a baseline to maintain my health. Rather than just tell a doctor how you feel, the practitioners at AIM can couple your symptoms with visual medical evidence which allows them to make a more accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Zuzana’s knowledge and skills are impressive and she makes the process pleasurable and virtually pain free. I would highly recommend Zuzana and Functional Blood Testing to anyone! –S.W.

  • I went to see Jordan Bruce, FBT to get my functional blood analyzed and was extremely pleased! Jordan is so knowledgeable in her field.  Not only did she take the time to review all the slides, she really explained what the blood cultures were and why they were that way.  She covered a number of things that I could do to improve my blood, and because of her insane knowledge of food, was helpful in giving recommendations for healing and nourishing foods.   Jordan definitely made me feel that her and AIM had my best interest at heart.  I would and do recommend Jordan to anyone! – R.G.

  • I was recommended by a friend to go see Jordan Bruce, FBT to see if she could help figure out what’s causing my chronic migraines. She was very professional and knowledgeable about what she was seeing on my slides. She identified a few different nutritional issues that could be causing my migraines (as well as extra pain and inflammation in my body that are aggravating other health issues) and worked in collaboration with one of the Naturopathic Doctors to help me obtain the minerals and nutrients I needed. I’m blown away at what Jordan can tell about my health based on the blood analysis and I think everyone experiencing less than stellar health should give it a try! –K.W.

  • I credit Shauna Coxe for bringing me mentally and physically back in balance when my stress level was high. Shauna’s relaxation massage was amazing as she took the time to connect with me and catered the treatment to my trigger points.  There was nothing routine about my treatment. Shauna’s knowledge, talent, and personality made my experience exactly what I needed. I’ve been following up with the specific home care techniques Shauna suggested and am looking forward to my next session! –D.S.

  • I began to visit Shauna Coxe a few months ago as part of the treatment plan for my frozen shoulder set out by the other practitioners at AIM. Shauna helped me understand not only the physical movements that were affecting my recovery but the mental health side that most of us don’t think or know about. Did you know that your body holds your stress and experiences in different areas and that you have to work on that recovery as much as your physical injury? I didn’t until I met Shauna. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about each person she meets. With Shauna’s guidance, compassion and genuine interest in my wellbeing, I will continue to make improvements in my health. I can’t thank her enough and will continue to recommend her.  – K.V.

  • I have been seeing Barb Pattison, RCC for a few years now and she has been instrumental in my progress. She is kind, compassionate, and patient and never makes me feel pressured. Barb has changed my view on therapy in a positive way, and I can tell that she genuinely cares for me and that I’m not just a client. – G.H.

  • Barb’s kindness and professional manner provides a warm, safe, and judgement-free space for her clients. She never fails to go above and beyond to ensure her clients receive the best possible care. Highly recommend!! -C.S.

  • Christine’s warm personality makes it really easy to open up to her – she is a great listener and offers a fine balance of practical steps and candid guidance delivered in a compassionate manner. When going through a difficult period of my life, Christine was there every step of the way offering support to help me navigate my way from a place of darkness to light! I recommend that anyone going through struggles in their life, which let’s face it, is almost everyone, pick up the phone and get help. When you are in a difficult place, simply the act of speaking and have someone hear you is invaluable.  Working your way out of such a challenging time is difficult to do alone – investing your time in seeking help from a professional, is investing in you and your happiness. – S.H.

  • Christine is an insightful, heart centered, soul connected woman. She has an incredible way of making a person feel at ease by bringing warmth, authenticity and humour to conversations. I consider Christine to be a rare and magnificent light in the world – her depth, tools and intuition combined make her an exceptional counsellor. –K.N.