IV Vitamin Therapies at AIM

IV (Intravenous) Vitamin Infusions at AIM!
We use IV infusions for weight loss, athletic programs, chronic fatigue, anxiety and low mood, malnutrition, symptomatic relief of cramps, dehydration, cold and flu treatment & prevention, etc.  IVs are also great for patients simply wanting an energy boost, and for immune system support (especially at this time of year!).


What is in a Vitamin Infusion?
The basic formula that we use includes high dose vitamin C, Magnesium, B Complex, additional B5 and B6, Folic acid, Zinc and Selenium. Together these nutrients are administered intravenously and are thus able to reach the tissues in the body directly, rather than needing to be broken down, extracted from foods, and absorbed across the wall of the digestive tract.  Many patients who have low nutrient status due to compromised digestion and absorption abilities benefit greatly from vitamin infusions.
What effect does the infusion have?
IV infusions boost up vitamin stores in the body, allowing all cells and organs to function more optimally.  Most patients enjoy increased energy and stamina, as well as improved sleep and muscle function.
Intravenous Vitamin infusions are gaining popularity in clinics across North America because so many patients have found them effective! Our two naturopathic physicians, Dr. Courtney Campbell & Dr. Hailey Kanester, are trained and certified in IV Therapies. Come on in to AIM for an IV Vitamin boost!