Angel Leung

Registered Nurse

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Angel Leung is the founder of Baby Bean Consulting and a Registered Nurse by profession. In her personal journey, she experienced recurrent pregnancy losses, had severe anxiety during her pregnancies after loss, and navigated a traumatic postpartum transition after delivering her youngest. What became clear to her in these challenging life seasons, was the very real need for women to have a health advocate.

Angel has previously spent time working at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at BC Women’s hospital and Lions Gate Hospital in North Vancouver. In addition to bedside care, Angel has acted as a Clinical Instructor for UBC’s School of Nursing and served as a Regional Clinical Systems Educator for Vancouver Coastal Health. Private sector work experience includes a role as the Director of Wellness for Amica Senior Lifestyles.

Angel is a firm believer that what women really need is empathetic care during difficult times – care that is timely, knowledgeable, and genuine. Her goal is to consistently show up for her clients and her passion is to see women receiving the highest quality of care from all healthcare providers.

Angel is an affiliate of AIM. We are grateful to have her as a referral source for our patient community specifically for those who may benefit from support through miscarriage, pregnancy after loss, and postpartum transition. 

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