Direct Billing

We are excited to announce that we now offer Direct Billing to select insurance companies right from our AIM reception! Please be sure to read through the details below. 

Insurance companies that we are currently able to direct bill to include: 

Under Telus eHealth

Required Credit Card on File

We offer direct billing as a convenience to our patients at no extra charge. It is a requirement of our system that any patients wishing to partake in direct billing have a valid credit card on file, as the system will prompt us to bill any remainder of the invoice not covered by your extended benefits.

24 Hours for Submission

Please be aware that we cannot guarantee direct billing will be available immediately after each appointment, as there can occasionally be issues with benefit company websites and technical difficulties with submission portals. Some extended health providers also take time to process and approve direct billing submissions. As a result, please allow 24 business hours (Monday - Friday) from your visit time for direct billing submissions to go through.

Special Circumstances

If you use more than one extended health provider, the system only allows for billing to one primary insurance company, and we are not able to submit to the secondary insurance on your behalf. If this is the case, please plan to pay for any remainder of your invoice not covered by the primary insurance, and to submit this to your secondary insurance company manually. 

We are so happy to be able to offer this service to our patients. Thank you for your understanding with the process, and for helping us to keep our direct billing system running smoothly!


At this time we are able to process ICBC claims for Chiropractic treatments ONLY. The initial visit must be scheduled within 12 weeks of the MVA date. Please ensure you have given us your ICBC claim # prior to your initial Chiropractic visit. NOTE that ICBC will only cover $99 for the initial visit & $54 for any follow-up visits, therefore the remaining balance will be charged to the patient. Just like insurance, for any direct submissions to ICBC we do require a credit card on file.

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