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Dr. Serena Lin is an avid food lover on a mission to teach all of her patients about wholesome healthy ways to use food as medicine. She grew up in a small family owned Chinese restaurant where a keen appreciation for food developed. It is there that she learned the beauty behind tastes, aromas, textures, flavours, and explored extensive varieties of food. Daily lessons in the kitchen with her father also taught her about herbs, spices, and powerful healing properties of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She was also fortunate to grow up with an organic garden of vegetables and herbs that provided knowledge on how to grow her own food and how to use them in healing the body.

In her later years while studying at Simon Fraser University and the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine, Dr. Lin worked multiple jobs and volunteered at many charities. This gave her first hand experience with extremely hectic schedules and a deep understanding of needing the body to keep up. This translated into her interest in helping patients improve their mental and physical performance so they feel energized and able to keep up with their busy lifestyles. She is adamant about providing individualized healthcare that is customized, effective, and measurable to all her patients. Why? It is because she strongly believes that each patient has specific needs that require special attention rather than a “one size fits all” approach.

So, What makes Dr. Lin different from other Naturopathic Doctors?
With nutrition as the basis of her passion, Dr. Lin also has special interest in the following areas:
*Kidney and urinary tract health
*Cardiovascular health
*Smoking cessation
*Facial rejuvenation acupuncture
*Nutritional counselling
*Optimizing mental and physical performance

Dr. Lin has a grounded and compassionate personality that gives patients a safe space for conversation and support that can be trusted. She takes the time to thoroughly understand each individual’s case and to provide a treatment plan that will optimize their body to treat disease at its root cause and prevent illness.Check out her instagram handles at Yummy_Nomibles and drserenalin for a preview into the amazing things she has to offer.

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