Intravenous Therapies 

Intravenous therapies offered at AIM involve direct administration of therapeutic compounds (vitamins and minerals) directly into the vasculature system. Because they are administered directly into the vein, these nutrients bypass the digestive tract and as such are highly absorbed and available to target organs. This is especially beneficial for those patients with compromised digestion and absorption issues, who cannot otherwise obtain maximal nutrients from their diet or oral supplementation.

What is in the IV mixture? 

Some of the ingredients included in a standard IV vitamin infusion include vitamin C, B vitamins (B complex, B6, B5, folic acid), selenium, zinc, magnesium, and sodium bicarbonate. Specific concentrations and ingredients can be customized to fit individual patient needs.

 How long does an IV vitamin infusion visit take?

Each patient is different, but we recommend allowing 35-45 minutes for a standard IV vitamin infusion visit.

What are some of the benefits of IV therapy?

IV nutrient therapy makes it possible to get a larger amount of vitamins and minerals into a patient’s system that couldn’t normally be achieved with oral supplementation alone. The result is that health conditions related to nutrient deficiencies can be addressed and targeted faster than with dietary changes and oral pills. A vast array of conditions are highly responsive to IV vitamin therapy, including chronic fatigue, stress and anxiety, migraines, muscle spasms, menstrual cramps, allergies, infections, colds & flu, and other immune deficiencies.

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