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Kokua believes his parents named him rather aptly. Having always been the helpful type, now more than ever he is able to help even more with something he believes to be truly paramount. Referring to the health and well being of one’s own body. He loves how much massage therapy can help with achieving goals of physical wellness, and believes that it is always a sincere pleasure in helping others achieve those goals. He also cares a great deal of giving back to communities and works with Carrier Sekani Family Services to provide massage to those who don’t have the benefit of regular care in the Northern Aboriginal communities.

“Want to get to know me a little? Small town boy who moved to the city to learn and practice Massage Therapy, because who doesn’t love Vancouver? Family is important (not just blood ties), you got to take care of the ones you love. I got a thirst for knowledge, there’s always more to learn! I’m excited to learn more to become the best Massage Therapist that I possibly can.

Otherwise I love jamming out on the guitar, hitting the outdoors in every way, working out every day possible (got to take care of my body), eating healthy/ cooking healthy (most the time), traveling, and enjoying all the wonderful things that Vancouver has to offer!”

– “Keep Learning, Stay Healthy, Stay Active, Stay Happy.”

Techniques Used

Active Release Technique (Lower extremity certified)
Myofascial release
Trigger point release
Swedish techniques
Deep tissue
Postural and ergonomic Awareness
Active and passive stretching
General relaxation
Joint Mobilization
Sports Massage
Muscle energy techniques

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