Laboratory Testing

Standard Bloodwork

Your AIM naturopathic physician can order a number of standard diagnostic tests through local laboratories including:

  • general blood chemistry
  • iron
  • cholesterol & cardiovascular health indicators
  • liver and kidney health indicators
  • vitamin B12
  • vitamin D
  • blood sugar and diabetes screening
  • celiac disease (blood screening)
  • hormone screening (thyroid, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, etc.)

Because naturopathic doctors in British Columbia do not bill through MSP, should your ND order these laboratory tests for you, there will be a charge through the lab to run these types of tests.

Comprehensive Hormone Testing

AIM naturopathic doctors are trained to use a variety of laboratory methods beyond the standard blood tests to evaluate hormone function. These can be particularly relevant for patients concerned about hormonal imbalance, and are applicable to conditions including menopausal symptoms (hot flashes, night sweats, mood changes), difficult weight loss, chronic fatigue, hair loss, metabolic issues, menstrual irregularities, infertility or difficulty conceiving, and low libido. Speak with your naturopathic physician to discuss what other hormone testing options might be available for you, given your unique health history and hormonal goals.

Neurotransmitter Testing

Neurotransmitters make up the brain’s messaging system; they deliver cues and signalling from our brain to the rest of our body’s organs, glands, and tissues. As such, neurotransmitter imbalances can affect many of our bodily systems, resulting in a variety of conditions including:

  • mood disorders
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • fatigue
  • insomnia and sleep disturbance
  • decreased mental focus
  • hormonal imbalance
  • difficult weight loss from loss of appetite control and insulin imbalance

Neurotransmitter testing is non-invasive and involves simple urine and saliva testing. Your naturopathic physician will help determine if this type of testing is relevant for you, and after reviewing the test results will help make recommendations (dietary, lifestyle, and supplementation when necessary) to address imbalances and improve your overall physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing.

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