Miscarriage, Pregnancy After Loss, Postpartum Support

Angel Leung is a Registered Nurse and the founder of Baby Bean Consulting. Her focus is to support women through a miscarriage, pregnancy after loss, or postpartum transition. You can read more about Baby Bean Consulting and Angel's story here.

How can a Registered Nurse help me?

By coordinating your care.

In these difficult life seasons, it is not uncommon for your health care needs to escalate. Angel's role is to advocate for your best care - by taking the time to know your story and medical history, helping you navigate our healthcare system, and empowering you to articulate your needs and make informed decisions.

Baby Bean is the bridge between uncertainty and confidence, ensuring women receive the highest quality of care.

Is this typically covered by extended health plans?

Yes - Registered Nursing services are covered by many health benefits (often under a stand-alone category such as 'Private Duty Nursing' or 'Nursing Care' or 'RN In-Home/Out-of-Hospital')

I would like in-home or virtual appointments, what are my options?

Both are available. Baby Bean offers in-home appointments within the Lower Mainland; areas outside of the North Shore will be subject to an additional travel fee. Virtual sessions are available to all BC residents.

Do I need a referral to Baby Bean Consulting?

Clients can ask their practitioners at AIM for a referral. Clients are also welcomed to self-refer and complete an intake form with Baby Bean Consulting directly.

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