Samantha Taylor


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Samantha is a Registered Massage Therapist at AIM. She started her massage therapy career in 1993 after graduating from the Northwestern School of Massage Therapy in Alberta. She has had the privilege of practicing massage in Alberta, Quebec and British Columbia as well as Japan. After working in BC for 14 years, she was drawn back into massage therapy school by her desire to learn, advancing her knowledge and skill in massage with a focus to become a teacher in the future. She has recently graduated from the Massage Therapy Program at Vancouver Career College at the top of her class.

Samantha knows how important it is to listen to her patients, feeling they can convey important information about their body. She encourages open communication during treatment about how things feel and any changes that are occurring. Living in a dynamic world means, some days we need a very light touch for relaxation and other days we need deep pressure to release those problem areas. Samantha recognizes this and can adapt to what your body needs on any given day.

Samantha loves spending time at home, cooking nutritious tasty meals. She also loves the outdoors, so every day she walks her cats, yes on a leash, and is often joined by the neighbourhood children. She has become well known and is often referred to as “The Cat Girl”. During school she became addicted to audio novels but still enjoys relaxing with a great book about space and advanced technology or people on quests dressed in funny outfits.

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