Shauna Coxe

Integrative Body Work

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Shauna is an Integrative Bodyworker at AIM as she is  both eclectic and wholistic in approach.  She has practiced for over twenty years and believes in offering services that encourage embodiment, resiliency and improving our access to life energy. Shauna primarily sees clients who are seeking mind body balance and integration and who may have done some talk therapy and are looking for a more body based approach or are experiencing symptoms in their body that are hard to find an origin to and thus a resolution for.

Some clients find Shauna while suffering with:

  • chronic symptoms in their fluid matrix or lymphatic system but do not meet medical criteria for interventions
  • activated stress physiology that doesn’t seem to regulate naturally
  • experience high and low levels of activation or identify with feeling dysregulated, frozen/ paralyzed, anxious or both concurrently
  • Chronic tension or bracing patterns in their body
  • history of shock traumas; accidents, surgeries or falls
  • chronic patterns of dis-ease


Shauna became a Registered Aromatherapist and Lymphatic Drainage practitioner in 2000. She continued her education in advanced bodywork, neuro biological Aromatherapy and body mechanic correction in 2001 through Scents of Comfort and gained clinical experience in autoimmune chronic disorders and stress conditions. Throughout the years, she has studied abdominal massage, pelvic floor theory, Mind Body approaches and in 2017, she continued her post secondary studies where she researched emotional intelligence and self regulation in the developmental context while completing an Applied Bachelors of Arts in pre-counselling psychology. Shauna has completed two years of Somatic Experiencing® and is a trauma informed practitioner who uses Somatic Practice® Touch skills as an embodied, hands on approach to supporting nervous system regulation and trauma resolution.

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