Somatic Therapy & Bodywork

Somatic Therapy and Bodywork at AIM offers a “bottoms up" or body based approach to patterns of dis-ease in the body, mind and spirit. 

Mind Body Bodywork is an eclectic and integrative form of bodywork. These synergistic elements start with combining carefully selected essential oils that support your nervous system, somatic techniques that encourage body awareness and embodiment. Regulation of the autonomic nervous system is supported by Touch work and lymphatic massage. These sessions are ideal for those who feeling dysregulated. Chronic tension or bracing patterns, chronic patterns of dis-ease or a history of shock traumas; accidents, surgeries or falls. The goal is to create more resiliency and elasticity in your nervous system as both a treatment and prevention.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage sessions combine therapeutic light movements and essential oils in each session.  This type of massage has restorative and balancing effect on the nervous system, while encouragingthe lymphatic system.  These sessions are an ideal choice for those who are experiencing high stress, chronic pain, currently treating or have recovered from burnout or adrenal fatigue, experience stagnation and sluggishness, low immune function and are post surgical (8 weeks or 8 years after, this work needs to be done), or for those who do not respond well with deeper forms of massage.  Using therapeutic essential oils in these sessions provide additional support for the Autonomic Nervous System, Vagus nerve and Limbic system.

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