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Tasneem Premji, Tashu as most call her, graduated with Honours as a Registered Massage Therapist from Vancouver Career College in 2015.
Tashu loves anything to do with people, health, and the body. She has always been interested in how the body heals innately, how it functions in the presence of various stressors, and how individuals subjectively view their own health. She pursued this interest academically at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario, and obtained a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree with a distinction in Health Studies in 2012.
Being a University student is tough, but being a student while working part time, being an executive member on 4 clubs, participating in a diverse range of campus groups ranging from Adopt-a-Grandparent, to chairing the Ismaili Students Association, to being a Gael… that is just what Tashu calls life.
Organization, Compassion and Laughter are Tashu’s 3 keys to success. If the therapist is happy and compassionate, a patient will feel it through the therapeutic touch. In her schools clinic, Tashu would go the extra mile and create more shifts in her week to ensure her patients could be treated at their convenience. In the later part of her RMT program, Tashu completed a case study on the symptomatic relief of Parkinson’s through massage and hydrotherapy. The RMTBC awarded her 1st place and published her case study report online.
Tashu enjoys art in all forms: music, dancing, and the fine art of drawing. This artistic side gives her a flare that no other therapist has. Each patient is like a block of clay that she molds into a blissful art piece in the presence of music befitting the treatment of the day that is personalized for each patient. Everyone she treats gets to experience her artistic, therapeutic touch.
Tashu is only available at select times throughout the year as she is currently pursuing her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in Toronto.

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