Weight Loss

Through a complete health workup, your AIM naturopathic physician can help you on your path to weight loss through a holistic approach tailored to your individual health history and goals. The AIM Weight Loss Approach includes:

1) identifying barriers to weight loss (through relevant laboratory testing if necessary)

2) addressing and removing these barriers, based on your individual patient needs (which may include hormonal imbalance, nutrient deficiency, neurotransmitter imbalance, detoxification, or microorganism overgrowth)

3) dietary and lifestyle counselling (optimizing your daily habits to ensure metabolic health and stimulation)

4) prescribing adjunct weight loss therapies if necessary (which may include weight loss injections and/or intravenous vitamins for weight loss)

Make an appointment with your AIM naturopathic physician if weight loss is one of your health goals.

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