Zuzana Freidmann


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Zuzana is excited to be a part of the team at AIM. She has always had great passion for holistic nutrition, healing and working one on one with people on their healing paths. After completing her studies in holistic nutrition she enjoyed leading seminars with the inherent message that “health begins with education”. Her desire to continue learning and teaching led her to pursue live blood analysis as a way to discover the root of health issues as seen in our living blood cells and their environment.

This combination of holistic nutrition and functional blood testing allows Zuzana to investigate the underlying issues in the body and work with the naturopathic physicians at AIM to create a unique and tailored treatment plan for each patient.

Zuzana’s love of her work and passion for health is reflected in her sessions with patients. A visit with Zuzana and her microscope is a journey into the state of health of your body, and it is amazing. With her gentle approach and thorough explanations and guidance, she will explain, teach and contribute to your new direction for health.

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