AIM Prescription Refill Policy

Please review the following policy that we have in place, to ensure the safety and efficacy and any Rx medication you make be taking that has been prescribed by one of our Naturopathic Doctors. Thank you for understanding, and we look forward to continuing to support your health journey!

1. Maximum Rx Length

The maximum amount of time we can refill any Rx is 6 months (usually dispensed as 3 months, plus 1 refill). Birth Control is the exception, which we can refill for up to 12 months with knowledge of a current, normal Pap test result.

2. Visits Every 6 Months

Please have a visit with your ND at least every 6 months to discuss the progress of your medication (Is it going well? Any side effects? Any reason to change dosages?). We cannot write further Rx refills beyond 6 months since your most recent visit. If you are unable to come in for a visit in person, please book a phone follow up visit, or even just a brief phone call visit if the only issue you would like to discuss is refilling your Rx.

3. Recent Labwork

For some Rx, we will need recent labwork to monitor the safety of your levels and make sure that we have you at the correct dose. These include:

*Thyroid medication (Desiccated Thyroid): labwork (TSH, T3, T4) current within 1 year.

*Birth Control: knowledge of a current, normal Pap test result (within 1-3 years, depending on your most recent recall schedule)

Please note, for any Lifelabs testing (eg. Thyroid levels, Liver Enzymes, Blood sugar, Cholesterol, etc.) your ND is able to order these for you if you are unable to have them ordered through you MD, though there will be the Lifelabs charge for the costs of the tests.

4. Refill Requests from Pharmacies

We are happy to reply to refill requests from your pharmacy, however please note that the same policies regarding length, recent visit, and recent labwork still apply. Please allow 3 business days from when your ND has most recently been in the office for them to review, authorize, and fax any valid refill requests.

5. Delivery of Paper Rx

We request that if at all possible, patients pick up their own paper Rx at the clinic and deliver it to their pharmacy of choice. This ensures that your pharmacy receives it properly, and that all information can be double checked with your extended medical provider, if applicable, for potential coverage. If you are unable to pick up your Rx, our clinic may be able to fax a refill, but there may be a time delay. Please provide our clinic with the name and fax number of the pharmacy where you would like your Rx sent.

6. Emergency Refills

We realize that sometimes life happens, and that you may have to cancel or move an appointment and will no longer fit within the 6 month or 12 month window for your most recent visit or labwork for a particular refill. Should this be the case, please let us know if you are going to run out of your Rx (do not be without it!) and your ND can in most cases provide a one-time, 30 day emergency refill. Before doing so, we do request that you book in your visit (and labwork if applicable) as soon as possible within that next 30 days to ensure that we are properly following up and monitoring your Rx.